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Do you Remember Samuel?

The child who was malnourished and nearly died.

Hello brothers & sisters;
Hope you all remember, Samuel,the child whom was malnourished and nearly died. Remember. back them, we took Samuel and the mother HIV test; lt was bund the mother and the child were HIV Positive and on addition to that , the child was found Tuberculosis which is such a worrying disease to a young boy.

As he is to stay on medication for a life time,This did not end there, on testing the father, surprising the father was found HIV negative. This created a lot of panic between the two longterm marriage partners. and finally the husband could not withstand staying with a HIV positive partners as it would put his life at risk. The husband divorced Samuel's mother and got married to other women.

This has left the marriage torn apart.

Samuel's mother can no longer get support from the husband. not even food,house rent. They now days spend a day without something to eat despite them being in such a condition that may require more attention because they are both on ARV's that may require good nutrition as they are such powerful drugs.

Two days back,the landlord nearly threw all there property outside having spent over two months without paying any house rent The mother and child are stranded and we are worried what there next step would be it not ran for in time. The may tend to lose hope and may decide wrong and commit suicide. Sometime even regret to have taken Samuel for medication because lt may have been the root cause of all this.

To some extent we saved the situation but then affected the other party in the relationship. So please brother and sister, let us stand with this family because we all know of people who have successfully lived for years. I would wish we stand with them through fundraising for them basic need and even send them more prayers because lts all through faith and hope that they will win this fight.

Below is Samuel and other Children we have been supporting

Join your hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.