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On the Ground Iganda, Uganda
Hello brothers and sisters, All well wishers in your perspectives.

We thank God for today's session as we successful took Hijja for a CT scan and it was successful. Though we continued to face some Challenges such as hiring a vehicle that we had to fill a full fuel tank,shortage of funds to help us in other things as we were traveling to the Hospital that has specialists concerned with Hijja’s condition. After the CT scan, we were advised to go further and meet the physiotherapist for more information that can support his head as it is too heavy for him to Carry through out the day .
Peace And blessings be upon you we still call upon more support towards Hijja’s surgery and then facilitating the follow up as we waiting for his surgery to take place. Thank for everything Not forgetting, those who have been there for us, whom we have worked hand in hand with to ensure we reach this step. I still stand with those with whom I have the believe that "NO ONE IS TOO POOR TO GIVE" let's continue with the same spirit for a well being for our lovely brothers and sisters going through such life taking Condition just as Hijja Today it's him and tomorrow it may be you or me.

So let's save currently situation to secure blessings in our further

Our Appreciation to you all.

On the Ground Iganda, Uganda
Thank you to everyone who continues support our Orphanage who supported us at the last ceremony of our sister Christine.

Every donation supports 134+ children to get an education, community outreach program and raise with orthodox values.
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God bless you and please feel free to message us if you'd like to know anything or you would like to volunteer or donate to us

Hello Greetings family

On the Ground Iganda, Uganda
Am here to update you about Emmanuael. I was able to take emmanuael to the hospital in kenya due to the restrictions of Covid-19, we were ordered to go back to Uganda and leave Emmanauel with the Doctors in Kenya such that they can give special attention and observe his situation and we have been requested to pay 30usd daily for his occomadation and 20usd for his up-keep daily. Money which we are supposed to pay daily and i what you to help we clear it.

But remember initially you gave us 2000usd which we used for transport to kenya and carrying out the Covid 19 test which is kind expensive here in Uganda and remember we just hired the car we used for travelling and i used the rest of the Money to book appoint most with these professional doctors.

I started fundraising for the 2000usd after being advised by doctors to take him to a hospital in kenya So am humbly requesting you to help uw raise the 30usd for accamadation qnd 20usd for up keep on a daily basis for a period of one month which the doctors requested to observe the disease he is suffering from in order for them to administer the treatment whereby they will and us a report

Thank you so much men and women of God

Join your hands with us for a better life and beautiful future.